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Rules of the FAAIndia...

The Field Archery Association of India (FAAIndia) sanctions a number of different Regional and World tournaments that are hosted in accordance with its rules . These tournaments all have their own specific rules and guidelines. Also included in the rules is the Constitution of the Association so you the archer will have a one stop rule book to gather and learn the information you need to participate and enjoy the shoots offered by the FAAIndia whether they are hosted in your country or in any one of our other member states.

PDF files for downloads

To download these rules click on Download button on the link for the rules below and wait for the document to load in your new browser window

After Loading that PDF file, click right key on your mouse and just select "save as" and you can easily download that perticular PDF file.

Rules of FAAIndia...

Archers Handbook
    Archers_Handbook_2011.pdf (575.53 kB)
FAAI Indoor Archery Rule Book - 2012

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